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June 2017

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Tonight at Brownies (3rd May 2017) we presented my Mum (Anita Russan), Guider and Brown Owl at 2nd Hardwicke Brownies with her 40 year service award. It was presented by myself (Sally Russan, Anita's daughter) and Val Thomas (Division



Brown Owl, Anita, Mum.

Today we have a very special badge to award,

As 40 years in Girl Guiding deserves a big reward.

She has been part of 2 different counties in 10 different roles,

Each time offering her friendship, heart and soul.

Her mother loved Guiding and the values it still holds,

So at the age of 7, into her local Brownie group she was enrolled.

For my mum’s journey this was only the start,

As the love for Girl Guiding has always lived in her heart.

Growing up, she was a Brownie, Guide and a Ranger,

Before becoming a Guider whilst still being a teenager.

For years she enjoyed the role of Guide Guider,

And then became Gloucestershire County Young Leader Advisor.

When I was a Brownie, Mum came to help us with our 1st Aid training,

Little did she realise that was where she would be remaining!

Being the daughter of a leader, a lot was expected of me,

To be the best behaved and always act cheerfully.

It’s not the easiest being the leaders child,

Remembering your manners and not to run wild.

But for the Girl guiding opportunities that I was given,

Were because Mum and Dad had followed in the family tradition.

If that wasn’t enough, District Commissioner was the next job on the list,

An opportunity that she felt couldn’t be missed.

But once that role ended, being a Brown Owl was what she really wanted,

So with a team in place, 2nd Hardwicke Brownies opened and her wish was granted.

She has endless encouragement and believes everyone can achieve,

With years’ worth of activities and games tucked up her sleeve.

She will organise pack holidays, trips and parades too,

Ensuring wonderful opportunities for each and every one of you.

In terms of payment, no money you will find,

For she is paid in the smiles and joy that each girl leaves behind.

So from the bottom of our hearts, we all want to thank you,

For all that you have done, are doing and continue to do.

July 2017

Marling School Open-Air production 

of A 

Midsummer Night’s Dream

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We are pleased to announce our summer production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream which will be staged outside on our new ‘Amphitheatre’ on 11thand 12th July 2017.

This production is extra special for us as it will be Mr Gillett’s last before he retires in August. Mr Gillett has taught English and Drama and led our school productions since 1979, so it really is the end of an era and you are all invited to join with us to celebrate his amazing contribution to Marling School.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is probably Shakespeare’s best-loved comedy – and deservedly so. There are confusions, deceptions, slapstick, word-play, buffoonery and one of the best collections of Shakespearean insults in a single play! The cast is drawn from Key-stage 3 pupils, and the production will also feature two songs performed by the school choir, with music written by the Mr Gillett.

There will be two performances in the Amphitheatre on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th July. Good weather has been requested, but those without previous experience of open-air productions are advised of the need to bring something warm for the second half of the evening. We would also urge you to bring a cushion! 

The performances will begin at 7.15pm but we invite you to bring a picnic and enjoy the grounds from 5pm, there will also be some Old Marlingtonian cricket taking place on the pitch. Drinks and refreshments will be served before the play and during an interval with all proceeds going to the PSA. 

Tickets are priced at £5.00 for adults, £3.00 for students, and are available from the Marling School Office. Please ensure you secure your tickets early as we are expecting demand to be high and seats are limited.

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For the 10th time, ‘Help if we Can’ attended the Menin Gate in Ypres in Belgium and took part in the Remembrance Service for those who fell in World War 1. This time some students from Severn Vale School attended (others have been with us before) and they were a credit to themselves and the school.

Strange things happened this time, some taking some explaining, but one in particular was experienced by our Chairman Steve Smith and the Piper from St.Andrews Pipes and Drums William Haggie when at Ploegsteert Cemetery on the Messines Ridge, William had related to others that his Great Uncle had served with the Gordon Highlanders and was killed and never found near Messines. Whilst playing a lament at the memorial to the Grand Father of Margaret Slatter from Hardwicke while she laid her wreath, the name on the memorial commemorating Williams relative was right behind his head unseen and unnoticed until then. It was a very emotional occurrence.

Pictures show (3333) William playing at Ploegsteert. (3342) Zoe, Megan and Zoe at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Passchendaele, the largest British War Cemetery in the world. (3374) Chris Thompson, also from Hardwicke, a former Warrant Officer 1 in the Royal Army Medical Corps met up with some of his old comrades at the Menin Gate prior to laying their wreaths. 3372 some of our Wreath layers at the Menin Gate and, 3392 leaving the Peace Village at Mesen to return home after 3 days.

We are going again in May next year for the commemoration of the centenary of the end of World War 1 and the coach is nearly full already. This will, no doubt be my last time but I did say that last year!

Stephen Smith

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Hardwicke Parish Council Dates of Meetings for 2017


All meetings are on a Monday, unless indicated. Meetings commence at 19.00 and held at Hardwicke Village Hall, Green Lane Hardwicke

January 3rd   (Tuesday)
February 6th
March 6th
April 3rd
April 13th      (Wednesday) Annual Parish Assembly
May 2nd        (Tuesday) Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
June 5th
July 3rd
September 4th
October 2nd
November 6th
December 4th

Please note there is no meeting planned for August 2017

 June 2017

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 

held on Tuesday May 2nd 2017


Cllr John Perkin Cllr Daren Morris

Cllr Jill Brearley Cllr Fran Welbourne

Cllr Graham Brearley Cllr Lyn Welbourne

Cllr Kevin Marsden

In attendance

District Councillors Gill Oxley and David Mossman, Mr Mark Ruder and Kevin Lee, Clerk

55/17 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Theresa Harrison and Cllr Andrew Gough.

56/17 Election of Chair of the Parish Council

RESOLVED Cllr John Perkin was elected as Chair of the Parish Council for the year 2017/18

57/17 Election of Vice Chair

RESOLVED Cllr Theresa Harrison was elected as Vice Chair for the year 2017/18

58/17 Appointment to Committees and Representatives

RESOLVED to agree to the following appointments

Churchyard Committee - Cllrs John Perkin, Jill Brearley, Theresa Harrison

Governance and I.T – Cllrs, Fran Welbourne, Darren Morris, Kevin Marsden plus Chair and Vice Chair

Planning - Cllrs Fran Welbourne, Lyn Welbourne and Kevin Marsden

Play Areas - Cllrs Fran Welbourne and Jill Brearley.

Notice Boards – Cllr Fran Welbourne

Ditches – Cllrs Graham Brearley and Darren Morris

Footpath Wardens Cllrs Kevin Marsden, Darren Morris and Graham Brearley

Youth Club – Cllr Lyn Welbourne.

Village Hall Committee – Cllr Darren Morris

Severn Voice – Chair and Cllr Jill Brearley

UBB – Chair and Cllr Graham Brearley

Playing Field - Cllr Fran Welbourne and representative from Football Club (Stan Hine)

Grass Verges - Cllrs Darren Morris and Kevin Marsden

Press – Chair of Parish Council

59/17 General Power of Competence

RESOLVED the Parish Council continues to adopt the ‘Power’ subject to meeting the criteria.


Chair of Parish Council

Did You Know?

 The origin on the word bonfire? There are several suggestions as to the origin of this word, one of which suggests that it comes from the word bonefire.

Today the last surviving relative of someone buried in a churchyard has to die before gravestones can be relocated or a grave disturbed. However, in the Middle Ages, it was the practice to dig up the bones after about 25 – 30 years and put them into the charnel house. When the charnel house became full, the bones were taken out and burned on a bonefire, which later became bonfire.


Hardwicke Parish Council,

Minutes of meeting held on May 2nd 2017




Cllr John Perkin (Chair)        Cllr Kevin Marsden

Cllr Jill Brearley                   Cllr Fran Welbourne

Cllr Graham Brearley            Cllr Lyn Welbourne

Cllr Darren Morris                 Cllr Mark Ryder

Cllr Theresa Harrison


In attendance

District Councillors; Gill Oxley and David Mossman, County Councillor Stephen Davies, Rob Jones from Diocese Academy Trust, one member of the public and Kevin Lee, Clerk.



None received.


Declarations of interest

There were none


Public Consultation

Rob Jones from the Diocese Academy Trust introduced himself to the Council and outlined his role within the Trust and as a contact for the Parish Council. He was aware that there had been issues around parking near to the school and wished to work with the Council to see how the problems could be alleviated.

District Councillor David Mossman asked if the school could consider utilising some of its land to provide additional parking within the school. Rob agreed to raise this matter with the Trust and the School.

The Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr John Perkin expressed concern that the temporary nature of the additional provision at the school would become permanent with the delays in starting the new school at Clearwater Drive in Quedgeley.


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Resolved; to approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on May 2nd 2017

County Councillor and District Councillor Reports

Stephen Davies was introduced as the newly elected County Councillor for the division. Cllr Davies reported that the conservative party now had overall control of the county council. He had been appointed to serve on the committees for Children and Families and for Economic Growth.

District Councillor Gill Oxley reported that the district council had stepped up its campaign to combat littering. Fixed penalty notices were being issued to drivers/passengers discarding cigarette ends from their vehicles.


District Councillor Cllr David Mossman gave an update on discussions involving the Hunts Grove development and changes to the S 73 agreement. Highways England had asked the developer for an up-front payment of £1m for contributions to highways work and cross keys improvement.

Resolved; to note the reports


Planning Applications

The Parish Council agreed its response to the following planning applications;

S.17/1085/HHOLD Sunnyfield Road

Resolved; to raise no objections

S.170868/FUL Lapswood, Bristol Road Hardwicke.

Resolved; to object to the application as the site is outside the settlement boundary

S.17/1121/FUL Land at the Starting Gate

Resolved; to support the application

.17/1093/FUL Mayo’s Land

Resolved; to object to the application for the following reasons;

  • Access is major problem and further access through the existing development is not supported
  • The mix of proposed housing size is inappropriate with too many large houses
  • The site is outside the settlement boundary


Request that the matter is referred to the District Council’s Development Control Committee


NDP Update

The Clerk advised members of the proposed dates for the progress of the NDP leading to a referendum on August 10th 2017

Following the initial feedback from the Inspector additional information had been requested concerning the consultation process conducted in 2015. A revised document had been circulated for approval.

Resolved to approve the revised document and to note the proposed date for the referendum


Financial Report

The Clerk presented the financial report for the period ending May 31st 2017 and the list of monthly payments.

Resolved; to approve the report and monthly payments


Play Area Reports

Cllrs Fran Welbourne and Jill Brearley presented the visual inspection reports for the Council’s play areas and outdoor gym equipment.

Members welcomed the reports and the Chair thanked the Councillors for the structure of the reports and the time spent to undertake the inspections.

The reports followed on from the formal inspections undertaken by RoSPA and identified some items of planned maintenance and improvement. It was noted that none of the items had been identified as a risk requiring urgent attention and could be covered by planned maintenance.

Resolved; The Council agreed to the following actions


  • Replace the existing notices which had become worn and damaged
  • Provision of additional waste bin at Elmgrove
  • Repair to surface as appropriate
  • To seek a quote for the repair or replacement of the roundabout
  • Undertake maintenance to surface at the Plantation play area
  • Request the litter pickers to include the play area in their rounds
  • Arrange meeting with SDC to explore the options of extending the play areas
  • Seek quotes for the repair to the fencing by the basketball court and for the provision of addi-tional fencing
  • Weed spraying to undertaken by the gym equipment
  • Caloo be contacted to confirm replacement of the damaged item


Projector for Parish Council Meetings

Cllr Darren Morris reported on the planned media provision for the hall and the lounge which would accommodate the needs of the parish council

Resolved; to use the equipment being provided by the Village Hall


CCTV Protocol

The Clerk presented the protocol for the operation of the Council’s CCTV system. It was proposed that one of the key holders to the equipment, and the authority to view images should be a member of the Village Hall Committee. It was noted that authorised users should be partnered when viewing the recordings and that viewings would be in response to specific incidents or in response to requests from the Police.

Resolved; to adopt the protocol for the use of the CCTV and to ask the Village Hall Committee to nominate a member of the committee to be an authorised user


Parish Councillor Reports

Cllr Fran Welbourne reported that some of the wooden bollards around the village hall were in need of replacement.


Cllr Darren Morris gave an update on the Public Rights of Way course organised by GCC/Amey and reported that an accreditation course for the use of strimmers had been arranged.

Cllr Mark Ryder reported on the excellent response to the establishment of a residents group for Hunts Grove. There were 215 members and a closed Facebook account had been set up. The issue of the provision of the primary school was one of the top matters raised by residents. Three residents had volunteered to help with the distribution of Hardwicke Matters in Hunts Grove. Cllr Ryder asked if a second Parish Council notice board could be provided. The Clerk was asked to write to Crest to seek approval, Cllr Ryder and Cllr Morris had identified possible sites.


Cllr Theresa Harrison noted that the litter bin opposite Fishers Meadow was regularly overflowing. The Clerk to raise the matter with SDC.


The Chair, Cllr John Perkin informed members of the difficulties of maintaining the Youth Club. The two existing committee members were stepping down from running the club for the younger age group. Unless new committee members could be found then the club would cease to operate after July 7th. It was agreed to arrange a meeting with Stroud District Council and its lead officer for youth provision to explore ways for the club to continue. District Councillor Gill Oxley agreed to assist with the meetings and to seek support from council officers.

Resolved; to note the reports and follow up actions as appropriate


Work Plan Update

The Clerk presented the work plan for the period ending May 31st 2017. The Chair informed members that the 30mph ‘Check Your Speed’ signs had been put up along the B4008.


Governance and IT Committee

Members agreed to the proposed list of agenda items for the committee; a list of possible dates would be circulated.

Neighbourhood Development Plan proposal under Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (As Amended) and the Localism Act 2011


  On 12th February 2016 Hardwicke Parish Council submitted their draft neighbourhood plan and related documents to Stroud District Council. The plan and accompanying information (including details of where to find hard copies) are available to view on:


Stroud District Council is required to notify consultation bodies which have been referred to in the consultation statement, that the plan proposal has been received. The Council would also like to take this opportunity to invite comments ahead of the submission of the neighbourhood plan to independent examination. 

The period for making representations runs from 1st March 2017 to 12th April 2017. Comments should be sent to ndp.consultation@stroud.gov.uk  or in writing to: Simon Maher (Neighbourhood Planning Officer), Stroud District Council, Ebley Mill,EbleyWharf,Stroud,GL5 4UB

Any representations may include a request to be notified regarding Stroud District Council’s decision under regulation 19 to “make” the submitted Neighbourhood Plan part of the development plan for the Stroud district. 

Please be aware that all comments that we receive will be publicly available and will be included on our website. 


Yours Sincerely,

Simon Maher

Neighbourhood Planning Officer, Stroud District Council


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July 2017



Hardwicke WI had a talk about hedgehogs from the Help a Hedgehog Hospital.

Female hedgehogs have two litters in a year, one in late April and the other in December. The male hedgehog plays no part in caring for the litters. The hoglets stay in the nest for just over four weeks and they will accompany their mother to hunt for food and be taught to fend for themselves. Their diet is mainly of earthworms but they are also partial to some cat/dog food particularly chicken flavoured ones.

The ideal weight for a baby hedgehog to successfully hibernate through the winter months is 600g. So if you spot a under weight hedgehog in the cold winter months, or a sick one please pick up the phone and call HHH, who will despatch one of their team member to pick up the animal. HHH emergency contact number is 01453 823 871. Check out their web page, it's full of information and some adorable hoglets photos.

In July we will be having our garden party and there is no meeting in August.

For more information please contact Pam Lewis on 01452 720541.

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The picture left shows a rescued hoglet whom the Carer is trying to increase its weight before releasing it back where it was found.


Belated birthday greetings

To Peter Tilling

Who was 80 on 17th June. He was a member of the Horse guards, now called the Blues and Royals

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Friday 9th June
Friday 16st June

Friday 23rd June

Friday 7th July


8-12 years 6-8pm

12-15 years 8-10pm

All meetings are at Hardwicke Village Hall


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June 2017




Armed Forces Day

 Sunday 25th June 2017

RBL Club, Green Lane, Hardwicke

Parade of Standards Veterans & Cadets

Wreath Laying & Cadet Presentations


Arrive 1:30pm Parade starts at 2:00pm

Local Parking & with Disabled Parking in RBL Club Car Park


June 2017

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On May 25th 26th and 27th Hardwicke & District RBL along with members from Thornbury and Lydbrook Branches took part in the 46th 3 day 100km walk in Ypres Belgium.On the first morning 27 of us gathered at the Fenix Stadium to collect our cards maps instructions etc, the weather was glorious eventually going up to 28c.

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We all set off some to do 15km others 20km and those who were doing the full 100km did 35km. We all returned tired and hot, and enjoyed lots of beers an cold drinks at the check points. The Saturday was hotter still reaching 36c in the full sun. The walkers doing 50km that day did exceptionally well. On Sunday again the temp reached 27c but there was more cloud cover. Everyone was relieved to finish, with blisters, Sun stroke, very sore feet but in good heart.

This year we were beaten into second place as the largest foreign tea, but the medal we received went to the couple who did the full 100km. One year ago Emma was in a full body cast after breaking her back in a cycling accident. It was a tremendous feat especially in the hot weather. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

We are now looking forward to our Armed Forces Day "Parade of Standards" on June 25th.

The July Branch meeting on Wednesday 12th at 7 30pm will include a talk on the "Escape Lines of WWII" by Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork who is an authority on the subject and has written many books on various topics to do with the Royal Air Force.

Carol Bratty

Branch President


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 June 2017

Watch out, the cows are about !

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Cows are set to make their annual return around the Minchinhampton, Selsley and Rodborough commons this month and drivers are being warned to take care.

Last year, seven cattle died in collisions with motor vehicles, compared to the eight the previous year. However, each of these collisions involved not only the death of a cow, but the driver and passengers involved in the collisions were put at serious risk of injury.

The council is therefore urging drivers to drop their speed across the commons while the cows are free roaming, as the cattle can be unpredictable and are often difficult to see during the night.

Around 500 local cattle are expected to appear on the commons from Monday 13th May, known as marking day. Several measures are being put in place to try and reduce the number of cows being hit.

Signs will be out to remind users to be alert when driving, and several of the signs will also be reflective to make sure they can be seen at night.

Fencing has been erected in an attempt to stop cows walking onto the road by the quarry next to the Amberley turn, where the majority of collisions occur.

A variable message sign trailer will also be used to highlight the release of cattle and incidents as they occur and new yellow cattle warning signs are at the main entrances to the common.

Martyn Midgley, area highways manager, said: "It may not sound dangerous, but colliding with a cow when driving can be very serious. You may drive across this road regularly, but when

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 Hardwicke Brownies

There are two local Brownie groups in Hardwicke for girls aged 7 to 11. Every week, at both Brownie units, all of the girls have the opportunity to make new friends, share stories, play games and follow the traditions of Girl Guiding with girls of a similar age. They have a chance to develop there leadership skills, confidence and self esteem

Since January, 2nd Hardwicke Brownies have thoroughly enjoyed working towards their 1st Aid badge. They have learnt about safety in the home, calling an ambulance, bleeding, fractures, choking, asthma, the recovery position and shock. There have been many giggles applying bandages and sharing all of our personal experiences of 1st Aid, whilst underpinning a key skill of significant importance.

The girls have also enjoyed a trip to Tesco Quedgeley for a tour of the store and work-shops with an Easter theme. They learnt all about the history of the chocolate egg and hot cross buns.

1st Hardwicke Brownies have been focusing on other countries and cultures. They have explored Chinese New Year, Girl Guiding Thinking Day and all of the UK saints days to name just a few. They have also enjoyed Easter themed crafts and activities leading up to the holidays, whilst also tucking into some chocolate of course!

There are currently spaces available within Brownies in Hardwicke, so please contact the Guiders on the numbers below for more information.

1st Hardwicke Brownies (meet on Tuesday evenings).

Guider in charge: Geraldine Berrill.

01452 728745

2nd Hardwicke Brownies (meet on Wednesday evenings).

Guider in charge: Anita Russan


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 July 2017

Walking for Health in Severnside - Frampton PPG

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The next walk in the area will take place on Wednesday19th. July from Splatt Bridge car park (park with care) Frampton at 9.45 am for a 10 o'clock walk start.

The walk as usually could include stiles and field paths. Approx. 2 miles (Max 1.5 hours).

'Note 2 walk leaders present'

For more info ring 01452 740265 or email nandanailsworth@yahoo.co.uk.


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2nd Eryn Burns will be 9 years old

4th Ryan King will be 3 years old

10th William West will be 11 years old

15th Pebble Taylor will be 12 years old

24th Amy King will be 7 years old

We hope you all have a lovley birthday

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Want to play Bridge?

Every Monday night

Come along and enjoy playing Bridge 7.00 pm at


For more details Tel: 01452 720383


June 2017

St Nicholas Parish Church, Hardwicke


Services and Events – JULY2017

A warm welcome awaits you at St Nicholas, Hardwicke



Sunday July 2nd – Trinity 3

"Responsibilities and Rewards"

Parish Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

also Sunday School at the same time

Saturday July 8th – Monday July 10th

Hardwicke Church Flower Festival

"Puzzling Flowers" our Festival of Flowers & Puzzles

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From 10.00am daily – Sunday Family Fun Day from 12 noon with

Refreshments, Stalls, Children’s Activities, Treasure Hunt, Live Music

Sunday July 9th – Flower Festival Sunday

Outdoor Family Service at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Songs of Praise Service at Hardwicke Church 6.00pm

Sunday July 16th – Trinity 4

"The Parable of the Sower"

Parish Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Sunday School at the same time

Sunday July 23rd – Trinity 5

"Seedtime & Harvest – Good & Evil"

"Simply Worship" Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Service with contemporary worship songs

Sunday July 30th – Trinity 6

"All the best laid plans aka Murphy’s Law!"

Café Church at Hardwicke Primary Academy from 10.45am (coffee, cake and an informal service, all welcome)



"Simply Worship" Eucharist at Hardwicke Church 11.00am

Service with contemporary worship songs

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Vicar's Viewpoint

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It happened again and again, I heard it on TV, friends mentioned it in conversation, it even came up on Google… make sure you get a balanced diet!

A balanced diet is important, get it right by eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions and consuming the right amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Eat your five a day (of fruit and veg), eat dairy substitutes, eat fish, eggs and other protein, eat unsaturated spreads, drink plenty of fluids.

Christians believe that we are called in a general way to be good stewards of our body. But there is more to it than that – a priest doesn’t lead many services on Sunday in the hope of keeping active and being relieved of chronic arthritis, or to keep fit travelling from one church to another. The priest does it because that is his or her vocation and because that person’s deepest desire is to serve God whether or not in pain, whether or not it looks good in the eyes of the world.

What most of us instinctively mean by "balance" is straddling two worlds: having our cake and eating it, too. That is very different to the life of faith which consists in presenting ourselves, whole and entire, to receive the stupendous gift of God’s love.

The Christian life at its best is a surrender to God’s will and an offering of our entire selves to his service.


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Vicar and Parish Priest of Hardwicke and Elmore with Longney



The idea for this article was adapted from Holy Desperation by Heather King in sacredspace.ie

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Baptism (Christening) or Weddings - phone Fr. Andrew 01452 720015


Email : vicarage@inbox.com      

Our Website : www.hardwickechurch.info


Join us on Facebook – follow us on Twitter: @StNicHardwicke


Bell ringing practice: every Wednesday, 7.30 - 9.00pm Interested in learning? Please come and meet us! tel. Carrie 01452 883882

 April 2017



English Martyrs Catholic Church, Tuffley Lane, Tuffley Gloucester GL4 0NX is the Catholic Church with pastoral responsibility for Roman Catholics in the area.  Our Sunday Mass is at 9am and includes Children's Liturgy of the Word and beautiful music and singing.

The mass is followed by tea and coffee in our 2 year old parish hall.  Normally there is also a Mass on Tuesday at 12 Noon and on Saturday at 10am but please check the latest newsletter which  also includes details of other activates at www.robinswoodparishes.org.uk


Parish Priest: Fr Gerry Walsh
Phone: 01452 412702
Parish Office: Marisa Wood Tel:01452 504997

web: www.robinswoodparishes.org.uk


Sunday Mass: 9 am
Vigil Mass: 6.30pm at St Augustine’s Matson 

Sunday Mass: 11am at St Augustine’s Matson

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January 2017


Grace Church Quedgeley

www.gracechurchquedgeley.org www.facebook.com/gracechurchquedgeley

This year marks the 500th anniversary of a major turning point in our history. The anniversary will be marked throughout Europe. The significance of the event will be debated by academics in their ivory towers right down to school children in their class rooms.
On 31st October 1517 Martin Luther, a German monk, wrote to his Bishop, protesting against the Church practice of ‘indulgences’. This practice encouraged people to give to the Church on the understanding that their charitable acts would help them gain favour with God, and so, gain an entrance into heaven. It is recorded that Luther also nailed a copy of his letter (known as the ‘Ninety-five Theses’) to the church door in Wittenberg; the medieval equivalent of uploading a video on You Tube. Luther’s work went viral and within two months his ideas had spread throughout Europe. And so began the Reformation. But what was it really all about?
As a monk, Luther, committed himself to doing all the medieval Church required of him to get right with God. A relentless life of fasting, services, pilgrimages and confessions followed. But Luther found that his religious efforts brought him no confidence that he was fit for heaven. Instead, his efforts drove him to despair so that he hated the very God he was trying to please. But then, reading the Bible, Luther discovered that God does not require us to make ourselves good enough for heaven. Instead, God sent his Son, Jesus, to ‘be’ and to ‘do’ all that we can never be and do by our own efforts. Jesus is the way to heaven – not our good works. Luther threw his lot in with Jesus. He gave up trying to earn his way into heaven him by his own efforts. And, as he did so, his despair was replaced by a settled assurance of salvation and a personal and living relationship with God. The rest is history!
God takes no pleasure in our failure. God is kind and gracious which is why he sent his Son, Jesus, to succeed, on our behalf, where we will always fail. That’s why we call ourselves ‘Grace’ Church Quedgeley! As you hear about the Reformation ask yourself the question: How am I expecting to get right with God and gain heaven when I die?
Pastor Phil Grubb – 01452 725614 (m) 07825 886 886 or e-mail: pastorphilgrubb@gmail.com

April 2017


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Morning Services every Sunday at 10.30am

9th July Bacon Church 9.30am - 10.30am. Come for breakfast and a chat.

30th July is the 5th Sunday and will be a 'Songs of Praise'. Let us know your favourite hymn and come and sing.

Each Tuesday is 'Sunbeams' at 10am until 11.30am. All small children welcome and lots of toys to play with.

Tuesday 18th July is the monthly 'Coffee Morning' 10.30am until 12noon. Tea/coffee with a toasted teacake £1. Also a bookstall.

Saturday 8th July 'Summer Fair' 10.30 until 12noon. Stalls include bric-a-brac, cakes, raffle, tea or coffee and biscuits. Come and find a bargain or a delicious cake.

Women's Fellowship will not be meeting in July or August and will start again on 4th September at 2pm until 3.30pm, when there will be an interesting programme and the start of the collections for Christmas Child Shoeboxes. They are already making scarves and gloves as a contribution. All ladies are welcome to the meetings as well as other events at the church.

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