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Dear Readers

Welcome to the last edition for 2018. The layout is slightly altered to take account of the children’s cover competition winners on the front and back covers. Diary dates are on the 'what's On' page and the contacts list is on the 'Handy Links' page.

We were delighted with the entries for the children’s cover competition – 118 altogether from the Beavers, Rainbows, Cubs, 1st and 2nd Hardwicke Brownies. What hard decisions, the committee had to make in choosing the winner and runners up; Winners’ prizes are on their way with a consolation gift for every child who entered. Thanks to the leaders of the groups for fitting the competition into their busy programmes. 

All entries, without names (for Child Protection purposes), can be viewed on the HM website later in the month. We look forward to the New Year entries from the various adult clubs and organisations. Closing date is 6th December.

We have our usual seasonal articles and events listed in this edition all the church services over Christmas.
We have received information that the recycling centre at Hempsted is investing in some new equipment and will be closed between 3rd and 21st December for the upgrade—see Home.

If you are lucky enough to be receiving new computer equipment over Christmas, please bear in mind the IT collection for schools for Africa at Tesco in January – see Local Groups.

There are more scams around supposedly from Microsoft regarding your computer or from BT saying they will disconnect you within 24 hours. They are both scams. Just ignore them. It is a nuisance, but if the calls originate from outside the UK, there seems to be nothing that either Microsoft or BT can do about them.

The shoebox appeal at Hardwicke Academy was a great success with 60 boxes being filled—see Local Groups

STAMPS The Leprosy Mission would be grateful for all your stamps. They need to have about a 5mm border around them. Stamps can be put through the letterbox at Church House in Cornfield Drive or in the box at the back of St Nicholas Church.

Just heard Dobbie’s Garden Centre (ex Wyevale) WILL NOT be having a skip for Christmas trees this year.

The Hardwicke Matters team wishes all our readers, advertisers, contributors and our wonderful band of volunteers a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year for 2019.

Pat Gilbert

A reminder to advertisers that any changes to their adverts need to be made BEFORE the 1st December for the January 2019 edition,  and any changes to thier articles need to be made BEFORE the 6th December, a full set of articels only closing dates for 2019-20 is on the 'Directory' page.


To the Editor

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