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Dear Readers

Summer is obviously on the way judging by the number of events this month ranging from Strawberry teas and a summer fayre at Quedgeley Methodist Church, The Big Lunch at Kingsway, a dog show in Quedgeley plus many other events, all details of which are inside the magazine with a list of diary dates on the back page. 

Also this month we have a number of reports from the Parish Council about meetings and other relevant items—too many to mention individually here. 

We are pleased to include a list of activities that the Scouts, Beavers etc have been doing in the spring term. The information can be found in the Local Groups folder. 

Those of you who use Arle Court Park and Ride, who often find it frustrating trying to find a parking space, will be interested in a new system introduced in May. Those inconsiderate drivers who just use the parking space without using the bus will be issued with a fine—see the new Planning and Roads folder.

With an increasing number of houses being built in Hardwicke, Hardwicke Matters is in need of another deliverer. Can you spare a few minutes each month? See the Home Page for details. 

At the time of writing, work has begun on the Cross Keys roundabout. We have an article about it on the Roads page. There was not enough space to include the map, but this and other maps, including proposed planning, can be found on the HM website. 

Can I make a heartfelt plea to all our contributors that they please send in their contribution by the closing date? These dates are published in HM every month and are on our website below this editorial. Any changes to adverts should be in by 1st of the month. We are all volunteers at HM but we still have to keep to a deadline for the printer so that the magazines can be printed and delivered before the 1st of the following month. An increasing number of articles are coming in after the closing date with the expectation that they will be included. The layout of each magazine starts immediately after the closing date and late entries often mean re-jigging the whole magazine at the last minute in order to find a suitable space. Please help in this matter. The HM committee has decided that late entries will not be included in future—a deadline is a deadline! 

For those who have recently moved to the area, a reminder that we have a box in the One Stop Shop and in Westbourne News for any correspondence to Hardwicke Matters. This box can also be used for correspondence to the Parish Council. 

Pat Gilbert 

A reminder to advertisers that any changes to their adverts need to be made BEFORE the 6th June for the July edition,  and any changes to their articles need to be made BEFORE the 1st June, a full set of articles only closing dates for 2019-20 is on the 'Directory' page.


To the Editor

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April 2019


I’m appalled at the state some people leave the churchyard at St Nicholas Church. I visited it on 19th November to tend to my fathers grave and right next to it I was faced with this rubbish tip! I returned home, brought back bin bags and cleared away the offending mess. Today I visited and the tip had returned! If the two bins provided are full, there are three or four more by the gate which one can’t fail to miss. PLEASE USE THEM………………………………………………………………….. It is not acceptable that nearby graves are being overshadowed by other people’s rubbish. 

From a very annoyed resident 


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March 2109

Dear Editor

There have been mentions in the Parish Council meetings of late regarding speeding in Pound Lane, Church Lane and Green Lane. 

I would like to remind the Parish Council of the serious and increasing problem of speeding vehicles in Sellars Road. The lanes have a degree of traffic calming due to their narrowness and blind bends which Sellars Road does not have. Speeds of well in excess of the 30 limit are witnessed daily, particularly during the evening rush “hour”. 

Barry Wood 

Sellars Road Resident 

Feburary 2019

Dumping rubbish

Dear Editor

I live at 24 Dimore Close, Hardwicke, and some inconsiderate person intermittently dumps their household rubbish, not able to be collected by the normal refuse collection, on the grass verge outside my house.

I’d like to make it clear that, contrary to what my neighbours or anyone passing my house may think, these items being dumped are nothing to do with me. If I have household items that I need removed, I either hire a skip or pay Stroud District Council to remove the items. I always keep my household rubbish on my own property while it awaits collection.

Yesterday (13 December), a bed arrived on the grass verge outside my home. A couple of months ago, it was old carpet, shelving, etc that sat on the grass verge for over a week before I concluded that no-one was going to remove it and I contacted Stroud District Council. The Council collected it as “fly-tipping”, which, of course, is exactly what this is and if the culprit is seen, they will be prosecuted. This meant that whoever dumped their rubbish outside my house, got it taken away free of charge, whereas those who do the right thing and leave rubbish on their properties until it is collected, pay and are not anti-social. Myself and another neighbour contacted the Council again about this bed appearing on the grass verge, and Stroud District Council have, again, recorded it as fly tipping.

Can I just ask the culprit to have some consideration for everyone in Dimore Close (and particularly me whose house is directly opposite the grass verge where the dumping takes place) to keep their rubbish on their own property and pay to have it removed? Do the right thing .... please!

Jennifer Cook


Editor’s note 

In response to the letter above about fly tipping, we have received a letter from a resident in Springfield who also had problems with fly tipping.

The instalation of a security light and camera as close to the verge as possible has in there case stopped the fly tipping.