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From the Editor

July 2017

    Dear Readers


At the time of writing, we are hearing about the catastrophic fire in a block of flats in London. So it’s quite timely that we have advice from Gloucestershire County Council adult social care team and Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) about planning an escape route in the case of a fire—see the 'Home' page

I expect those of you with children will be raring to go away for a while on holiday at the end of the month. Let’s just hope we get some ‘summer’ weather. We have given details of some local events in Gloucester during the summer which might be of interest—see 'What's On' page and don’t forget the Adam Henson pig trail in Gloucester—see the 'Home' page.

Last month we appealed for volunteers to distribute Hardwicke Matters to Hunts Grove. We are delighted to tell you that we now have 3 volunteers, so Hardwicke Matters will continue to be delivered to all homes in that area. Thank you to our new volunteers.

I mentioned last month that our cat, Bumble, had disappeared. Unfortunately, nothing has been heard of him. However, another cat living only a few yards from us which also disappeared, has been found safe and well, if rather hungry, in a garage not far away.

Well it’s certainly the season for fetes with a Circus Fete at Longney School, A summer Fete at Quedgeley Methodist Church and a 3 day flower festival at St Nicholas Church which includes a family orientated day on the Sunday. Details of all these events are in the magazine.

There has been rather a dearth of correspondence recently. There are specific Hardwicke Matters boxes in the One Stop Shop and in Westbourne News for correspondence. These boxes can also be used for correspondence for the Parish Council. The box in the One Stop Shop is behind the Post Office counter and the box in Westbourne News is at the end of the counter. We welcome your news and comments.

I am taking a couple of months off but leave you in the capable hands of our webmaster, Andy Mumford for the August and September editions. Please continue to send correspondence via e-mail to editor@hardwickematters.co.uk or put it in the aforementioned boxes. Whilst I am hoping to have a complete break for a short while, I shall be using the rest of the time to move the adverts around ready for the October edition.

It has been a few years since I updated the Junior Birthday List. Could those of you who wish to have their child/children’s birthdays mentioned in the appropriate month, please complete a new birthday form which can be found on page 38 of the magazine. I shall be using the new list for the November edition onwards and deleting the current list.

You will find information about a concert at Stonehouse Baptist Church on 15th July—see the 'Local Groups' page featuring Karen Mueller, one of the world's leading autoharp and mountain dulcimer players. Also playing is the local trio ‘Mischief Afoot’ led by Jeff Gillet, who plays with a number of local groups. Last year, with students from the Downfield schools in Stroud, he played for our golden wedding barn-dance a great success. They are certainly to be recommended. You can see autoharps and a dulcimer being played at St Nicholas Church on 9th July at the Flower Festival.

I hope you all enjoy the summer; I shall be back in the Autumn.

Pat Gilbert

Could I remind advertisers that any changes to their adverts need to be made BEFORE the 6th July for the August 2017 edition,  and any changes to thier articles need to be made BEFORE the 13th July,

a full set of articels only closing dates for 2017 are on the 'Directory' page.


To the Editor

June 2017 

To all those who live on the Dales Wharf Estate - Robert Hitchin's homes.

The covenants that were placed on your property when you purchased, or when you bought resale, are still in force. Especially the covenants that exclude the parking on the curtilage of your property caravans, boats or similar chattels. Also not to use the parking area of your property for any purpose other than parking space for motor cars or other private vehicles not exceeding an unladen weight of one and a half tons or laden weight of two tons. There is also a covenant stating that the dwellinghouse should not be used for any purpose other than that of a single private residence.

The covenants run with the property and do not have a life of 10 - or any other number - of years and they are transferred from owner to owner of the property.

A resident of Hardwicke.

April 2017

Dear Editor

I would like to pass on my thanks to residents who have supported a proposal to lower the speed limit on Sellars Bridge. I will be asking Tony Blackburn (GCC Councillor, Hardwicke Ward) at the next parish council meeting to pursue the matter with Highways on behalf of his constituents. More support, by way of emails would and will add weight to the request. In my opinion there are no logical grounds to refuse this request as pedestrian safety on the bridge is at the forefront of my proposal.




Mike King