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From the Editor

Dear Readers

Welcome to the February edition of HM.

In the last edition you will have read the concerns of the Parish Council regarding proposed plans for extensive housing in the village
.There was an invitation to complete the form enclosed in the January edition if you felt that these plans would be detrimental to the village and either send directly to SDC or put the completed form in the box at either the One Stop Shop or Westbourne News.

Whilst HM and the Parish Council share the same boxes, the planning objections should not have been addressed to HM as they were intended for SDC via the Parish council. However several completed forms were addressed to Hardwicke Matters. Please ensure that any correspondence intended for the Parish Council or on their behalf, should be clearly labelled Parish Council not Hardwicke Matters.

Perhaps it is down to the time of year and the cold weather, but this month very few articles have come in from our usual correspondents. Consequently, it has been necessary to reduce the number of pages and move a few adverts temporarily to other pages.

Peter Hill, our distribution coordinator, is still appealing for a replacement distributor so I repeat the message included in last month’s edition, below. As I have said many times previously, we value our volunteers greatly because without them we could not deliver this magazine to your house each month and therefore there would be no point in producing it. Can you spare an hour or so each month to help?

We are also appealing for more help with the magazine itself—see 'Local Groups' for more details.

Now that the new year has really got underway now, there is the opportunity to get fitter by joining the ‘Walking for Health’ group on their monthly walk—see 'Local Groups'
Severn Vale School will be holding courses in Functional Skills, starting in March—see poster on the 'Local Groups' page.

We are getting a few contributions in late which creates extra pressure in getting the completed magazine to the printer on time as the layout often has to be changed at the last minute. Please see the list of closing dates for articles and changes to adverts on the 'Directory' page.

We will be forcing these cut-off dates more stringently in the future; so please take note.


Pat Gilbert

A reminder to advertisers that any changes to their adverts need to be made BEFORE the 3rd January for the February edition,  and any changes to thier articles need to be made BEFORE the 6th January, a full set of articels only closing dates for 2019-20 is on the 'Directory' page.


To the Editor

Feburary 2019

Dumping rubbish

I live at 24 Dimore Close, Hardwicke, and some inconsiderate person intermittently dumps their household rubbish, not able to be collected by the normal refuse collection, on the grass verge outside my house.

I’d like to make it clear that, contrary to what my neighbours or anyone passing my house may think, these items being dumped are nothing to do with me. If I have household items that I need removed, I either hire a skip or pay Stroud District Council to remove the items. I always keep my household rubbish on my own property while it awaits collection.

Yesterday (13 December), a bed arrived on the grass verge outside my home. A couple of months ago, it was old carpet, shelving, etc that sat on the grass verge for over a week before I concluded that no-one was going to remove it and I contacted Stroud District Council. The Council collected it as “fly-tipping”, which, of course, is exactly what this is and if the culprit is seen, they will be prosecuted. This meant that whoever dumped their rubbish outside my house, got it taken away free of charge, whereas those who do the right thing and leave rubbish on their properties until it is collected, pay and are not anti-social. Myself and another neighbour contacted the Council again about this bed appearing on the grass verge, and Stroud District Council have, again, recorded it as fly tipping.

Can I just ask the culprit to have some consideration for everyone in Dimore Close (and particularly me whose house is directly opposite the grass verge where the dumping takes place) to keep their rubbish on their own property and pay to have it removed? Do the right thing .... please!

Jennifer Cook