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From the Editor

July 2018

    Dear Readers


This month we have another contribution from the scouts—a quiz night report see - Local Groups along with news from 2nd Hardwicke Brownies see Local Groups. It’s good to hear positive news about our young folk. Speaking of which, we have the first report from Hardwicke Youth Forum see -  Local Groups about their activities and visits locally.

Continuing on the theme of young folk, Stroud District Council is sponsoring a music festival for 13—17 year olds on behalf of Stroud Youth Forum at Stroud Subscription Rooms this month—see  Local Groups for more details.

At the other end of the age range, the Golden Age Club celebrates its 50 birthday this month. Congratulations. You can read more news about this club on the Local Groups page.


SDC is suspending green waste collection for any new subscribers in certain areas because of overload; this includes Hardwicke. It doesn’t affect those who already have a brown bin for green waste.—see  Home page

Have you ever had problems trying to find somewhere to park? Well, now there is a website which covers the whole of Gloucestershire which will give you details of where on-street parking is allowed. All you need do is put in a postcode—see the Home page.

Hardwicke Matters is still in desperate need of finding a couple of deliverers for new areas of Hunts Grove. Can you spare an hour a month to help us out? Presently Chris Edwards and our magazine distributor, Peter Hill, are delivering to these new areas on top of everything else that they do for you on behalf of Hardwicke Matters. More details can be found on the Local Groups page


With summer looking as if it may be a good one, you can look forward to a summer fair at Quedgeley Methodist Church this month, details are on the Local Groups page

Have you every wanted to look around Hardwicke Court and its gardens? Well, now you can on any Monday afternoon until October. The charge is minimal at only £1 at that goes to a Gloucester charity - see Local Groups


As in previous years, I am having a couple of months break but I leave you in the capable hands of our guest editors for the August and September editions. Please continue to send your reports and letters to editor@hardwickematters.co.uk, correspondence will be picked up as usual, or pop an envelope into either of the shops in Hardwicke.

Enjoy the summer.


Pat Gilbert

A reminder to advertisers that any changes to their adverts need to be made BEFORE the 1st July for the August edition,  and any changes to thier articles need to be made BEFORE the 12th July, a full set of articels only closing dates for 2018-19 is on the 'Directory' page.


To the Editor

Dear Editor                                                                                                                                                                                    July 2018

Please will you say a huge thankyou to the 3 good Samaritans who stopped to help me early on a Sunday morning.
I fell while dog walking, cracking my head on the pavement. One lady called an ambulance, one provided towels and one took care of the dogs, returning the dogs home safely while I went off to hospital.

I can’t thank you all enough.

Jenny Smith

Dear Editor                                                                                                                                         June 2018

Friday 22nd June, 6pm - 8.30pm, Free Entry, All Welcome

Join us at Hardwicke Parochial Primary School for our annual Friday evening summer celebration, open to all our friends and neighbours and fun for all ages. Visitors can expect great live music, food and drink including bar and BBQ, inflatables, games,
stalls, demonstrations, ice cream, face painting and lots more.
All profits from the event go towards improving learning in a fun way for all children at the school, and it's a great opportunity for our local community to socialise. Please support us!

Get event updates on Facebook at fb.me/HardwickePTA

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Hardwicke Matters needs one, but preferably 2 deliverers for new areas of Hunts Grove to deliver magazines to 50 houses off Hunts Grove Drive in Harriet Way, Red Kite Rise, Tawney Close and Pine Marten Close.

This is not an onerous task and should only take a few minutes each month. If you can help, please contact Peter Hill on 07578 364686 or e-mail
distributor@hardwickematters.co.uk Peter will be able to give you more information, Thank you.