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April 2018

Join The Herd and get immunised

Are you fully protected against measles? Gloucestershire County Council is urging residents to check they are to help protect the most vulnerable. In September last year an outbreak of measles saw 49 cases of the disease in the area. Although many people will only suffer mild symptoms, out of the residents affected by measles, six were hospitalised, including some to intensive care. In the worst cases, measles can cause pneumonia, brain damage, long term disability or even death. This shows just how important it is for residents to make sure that they are immunised. In Gloucestershire, less than 90 per cent of residents are fully vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella. 

This means that the county does not have enough ‘herd immunity’; the resistance to the spread of an infectious disease within a population when a high enough proportion are immune. The more people who are vaccinated, the better protec-tion there is for the community. To make sure that residents are safe from the deadly disease the county needs to hit a 95 per cent vaccination rate. The vaccine is completely safe for most people but some of the most vulnerable people can’t be vaccinated. In a bid to increase the amount of people immunised, letters are being sent out by GPs to some of the county’s under-protected young adults (aged 16 to 19 year olds), informing them if they haven’t had two doses of MMR vaccine. In some instances they will have missed the vaccination as a child and now, as an adult, are vulnerable to disease in the event of an outbreak.

Cllr Tim Harman, cabinet member for public health at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “Measles can kill so it is really important that people get immunised. I had measles when I was five years old and suffered with very painful symptoms which have affected my eyesight into adulthood. It was very traumatic for me and my parents and I’d urge residents to make sure they’re immunised. By joining the herd you can help to protect yourself and others from the effects of this dangerous disease.”

Steve Hams, Chief Nurse at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Keeping this issue at the forefront of the public’s attention is critically important. By taking a very simple precautionary measure and getting a jab you can quite literally save your life. Getting a jab is very easy and straight forward.”

Dr Sheena Yerburgh, Clinical Lead for Infection Control at NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “Measles is a highly contagious and potentially extremely dangerous disease. It is really important to protect our population, in particular children and young adults. Ensuring widespread vaccination will give Gloucestershire 'herd immunity', reducing the risk of an outbreak. The vaccination is quick, safe and very effective. I urge parents to ensure that their children have received the two doses of the vaccine, and young people to check their vaccination history with their GP surgery and make an appointment with their Practice Nurse if they are not covered.”
  Measles signs and symptoms:
The initial symptoms of measles develop around 10 days after a person is infected. These can include: 

  • Cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, and a cough

  • Sore, red eyes that may be sensitive to light

  • A high temperature (fever), which may reach around 40C (104F)

A few days later, a red-brown blotchy rash will appear. This usually starts on the head or upper neck, before spreading outwards to the rest of the body. Symptoms usually resolve in about 7 to 10 days.

If you think you or someone you know is suffering with Measles, then please contact 111. Don’t go to A&E or your GPs as you could inadvertently spread the disease.


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April 2018

Gaining STEAM: Library introduces new innovative creative space
Gloucester Library is set for a brand new £38,000 flexible study space.

The new area will transform the library into a modern space for all library users from March this year.
Visitors will soon benefit from upgraded wi-fi and over £10,000 of new books in a new comfortable study area providing access to the latest resources. The library transformation will create a flexible space to host innovative activities for children and young people such as Code Club and STEAM events.

Cllr Pam Tracey, county councillor for Hempsted and Westgate, said: “It’s very exciting that the city’s central library is receiving such a positive investment. The reshaping of the library will allow for more flexible use, including events and other activities.

“In particular, the library will be providing equipment to support the county’s young pioneers with STEAM events such as SMASHfestUK that was hosted last year in Gloucester. We’re looking to host a variety of activities in the future to provide people with a range of creative and educational opportunities.”

New soft seating with additional power supplies will triple the available seating on the ground floor, enabling users to access wi-fi from portable devices in a more relaxed and comfortable study environment.

The £38k scheme has been funded through s106 developer contributions towards im-proving the local area. Work is scheduled from 19th March and will be finished by 26th March 2018.

The library will stay open for most of the works, however it will be closed for one day on Thursday 22nd February whilst electrical work is carried out. Customers are asked to note that during the works there will be intermittent noise throughout the library. Staff will ensure that a range of materials are still available to customers during the works.

Cllr Tim Harman, cabinet member responsible for libraries, said: “Gloucester Library is being given a makeover so that it remains an exciting, relevant and worthwhile place to visit as we move into the third decade of the 21st Century. We’re adding thousands more books, we’re also creating more areas where library users can access wi-fi in comfort.”

For more information on Gloucester Library, please visit: https://www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/libraries/find-a-library/gloucester-library-including-music-and-performing-arts/.

April 2018

Laying the groundwork for a smooth journey along busy Gloucester route


One of Gloucester’s busiest routes, the A430, is being improved as part of Gloucestershire County Council’s £150 million promise to upgrade the county’s highways.


As part of the council’s ongoing commitment to Gloucestershire’s roads, the A430 between Bruton Way and Trier Way will undergo vital carriageway patching from 3rd April 2018.


The A430 is a key route connecting residents and businesses in Gloucester and is in need of significant carriageway patching to repair the defects in the road in preparation for a new surface layer to be applied later this summer.


To keep disruption to a minimum, the scheme will be carried out at night. Starting at 7pm on Tuesday 3rd April, crews will work overnight between 7pm and 7am until Wednesday 11th April (excluding Saturday and Sunday nights).


For the safety of road users and workforce, the road will be closed during our work hours. Access for residents will be maintained throughout.


This scheme will be carried out in four sections and customised diversion routes will be sign posted for each individual section of the works.


Section 1 – Diversion will be via Bristol Rd, Clifton Road, B4072 Stroud Road and Park End Road. 


Section 2 – Diversion will be via Bristol Rd, Clifton Road, B4072 Stroud Road,  A38 Finlay Road – A38 Eastern Avenue – B4073 Barton Road. 


Section 3 – Diversion will be via B4073 Barton Street, A38 Eastern Avenue, A38 Barnwood Road and London Road. 


Section 4 – Diversion will be via Metz Way, Eastern Avenue, Barnwood Road and London Road. All diversions are the same in reverse.


Cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for highways and flood, said: “This important scheme highlights our continued investment to keep the county moving and these improvements will lay the groundwork for more vital work later this summer. I’d like to reassure residents that by carrying out this work overnight, we’ll minimise the disruption.”

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What have you done today to make you feel proud?

If you are considering a career in social care or health, ‘Proud to Care Gloucestershire’ could find its way into your favourites.

Working with partners in the NHS and adult social care, Gloucestershire County Council has launched the site as part of a new Recruitment & Retention campaign called ‘Proud to Care Gloucestershire’.

The website acts as a one stop shop for employers and care professionals to promote careers, work experience and volunteering opportunities in the adult social care sector.

Using the website, visitors will also be able to find out information on job vacancies, career progression opportunities and training available.

The county council and partners are working with care providers to increase the skills of current staff as well as help to recruit and retain staff in future. To help promote careers in adult social care, Proud to Care Gloucestershire Ambassadors will be at careers events around the county, giving their first hand take on careers in care. They will be there to answer questions about the opportunities available and talk about their own experiences working in such rewarding roles.

Cllr Kathy Williams, cabinet member for adult social care at Gloucestershire County Council said; “This website will help to support our providers, as well as offer career development opportunities for people already working in care – and those that are considering a career in the industry.”

“There are so many opportunities out there and I hope people are inspired by what they find on the Proud to Care Gloucestershire website.”

“I would urge anyone who gets pleasure from really helping people to look at starting a career in health and social care. I had a really rewarding career working in health and met some truly wonderful people who are now lifelong friends.”

For more information and to apply for careers in social care work visit:
www.proudtocareglos.org.uk or e-mail ptc@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Severn Bore Time 2018

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 Feb 2018




Many things affect our health and wellbeing, such as where we live, how we spend our time, our financial situation, and our relationship with friends and family.


Sometimes we all need a helping hand, someone to listen to us when we are struggling, or perhaps someone to find out what help is available in our local community.


INDEPENDENCE TRUST is proud to have been commissioned to deliver the new COMMUNITY WELLBEING SERVICE for residents of STROUD AND BERKELEY VALE.

The Community Wellbeing Service has been commissioned by NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and Gloucestershire County Council. It brings together Village and Community Agents and Social Prescribing in a new, exciting service for local people.


There is a Community Wellbeing Agent local to you; and they will also become a familiar face at your local GP practice.

Who is the service for?

The service is free and available to anyone over the age of 16 living in Gloucestershire, or who is registered with a Gloucestershire GP.


The Community Wellbeing Agents have extensive knowledge of local services. We can:

  • Talk to you about the challenges you may be facing and what would help you
  • Offer advice, information and practical support
  • Actively signpost you to services that can help you find solutions to everyday problems
  • Discuss your interests and hobbies and help you find local groups you can get involved in


Would you like to find out more?

Ring us on 0345 863 8323 and press Option 2 for the Community Wellbeing Service or visit our website: www/independencetrust.co.uk


We look forward to hearing from you.

Hardwicke Village Hall

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Stay fire safe in the home

If there was a fire in your house tonight, would you know the best way to exit your property safely? Are your hallways and back doors clear?

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) is encouraging families to make sure they know how to safely exit their home in the event of a fire.
Below are five top tips from GFRS about to help you make sure you and your families can be prepared:

  1. Think about how you’d all get out in case of a fire, making an escape plan and practising it will help ensure that everyone can get out, stay out and call 999

  2. Fit at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home so smoke can reach the alarms quicker giving you more warning time.

  3. Test your smoke alarms monthly. Smoke alarms can save your life, but only if they are working.

  4. Clear your escape routes. Make sure you can escape without tripping over to ensure a speedy exit

  5. Keep your door and window keys in a known and accessible place.

Make sure everyone knows where the door and window keys are kept so they can reach them easily and get out quicker in case of a fire.

The fire service also offer safe and well visits, which are an easy and free way to get advice and equipment to make your home safe. Crews can give helpful tips about staying safe and discuss the best escape routes for households as well as fitting smoke alarms for free.

Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member for fire, planning and infrastructure, said: “Our fire crews work hard to support people be safe, in and out of the home. By knowing how you would exit your home in the event of a fire, it could save your life in an emergency.”

Stewart Edgar, chief fire officer at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “It is really vital that residents have a plan in place to evacuate the premis-es if the worst happens. The five tips we’ve provided are a quick and easy way to remember how to keep yourself and your family safe in the event of a fire.
Our firefighters continue to keep our communities safe on a daily basis and I am grateful to them, our control staff and officers for all their work.”

To arrange a free safe and well visit, please visit:

or phone 0800 180 41 40.

Gloucestershire Local News 

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