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January 2019

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January 2019

Hardwicke Parish Council 


Minutes of a meeting of Hardwicke Parish Council 

held on Monday December 3rd 2018 



Cllr John Perkin (Chair) Cllr Mark Ryder 

Cllr Lyn Welbourne Cllr Fran Welbourne 

Cllr Anthony Doyle Cllr Denise Powell 

Cllr Kevin Marsden Cllr Jill Brearley 

In attendance 

County Councillor Stephen Davies, Jemma Grieve and Steve Miles Stroud District Council, seven members of Hardwicke Youth Forum and Kevin Lee, Clerk 

117/18 Apologies 

Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Demelza Turner–Wilkes, Darren Morris and Graham Brearley and from District Councillors Gill Oxley and David Mossman 

118/18 Declarations of Interest 

There were none 

119/18 Minutes of Previous Meetings 

Resolved to approve the Minutes of the Meetings held on November 5th and November 19th 

120/18 Presentation by Hardwicke Youth Forum 

Members of the Youth Forum gave a presentation on the survey they had undertaken of youth facilities in other parts of the district. The Forum had visited a number of venues and had identified the key elements that provided for a good facility for young people. They highlighted the benefits of a dedicated space with sufficient storage facilities and available outdoor space, which would provide a safe environment for young people. 

Some members of the Forum had previously attended the youth club at Hardwicke Village Hall and would welcome a new facility for Hardwicke. 

Councillors thanked the group for the presentation and commended them on the research they had undertaken and for the suggestions they had put forward. 

Resolved; to note the presentation and to begin initial research as to whether a new facility could be provided at Hardwicke 

121/18 County Councillor Report 

County Councillor Stephen Davies reported that the planning appeal for Clearwater School had been held and that a decision would be made in January 2019. It had been confirmed that the temporary classrooms located on the Hardwicke School site would be removed by September 2019 


Planning Applications 

The Parish Council considered its response to the following planning applications; 

S.18/2179 HEDGE Bristol Road Hardwicke 

Resolved to raise no objection 

S.18/2321REM Land at Colethrop Farm Bath Road 

Resolved; to raise no objection 

S.18/2239/DISCON Hunts Grove Parcel R22 Harrier Way 

Resolved To object to the application 

S.18/2103/MINAM Land at Colethrop Farm 

Resolved to raise no objections 

S.18/2420/DISCON Land at Colethrop Farm 

Resolved; to request that the Highway Authority be added to the list of stand-ard consultants before discharging these conditions 

S.18/2397/DISCON Unit 5 Gateway 12 Davy Way 

Resolved to raise no objections 

S.18/1947/OUT Land at Quadrant Distribution Centre 160 Dwellings 

Resolved; to object to the application on following grounds Non-Compliant with; NPPF paras 12, 62 and 64. SDC Local Plan CP2 CP5 CP6 CP7 CP8 CP9 CP11 CP13 CP15 EI 1 and EI2 and non- compliant with the Parish Council’s NDP GEN1 HOU1 and EC1 

Cllr Mark Ryder noted that neighbouring council’s had had sought mitigation through S106 payments for approved developments across boundaries. It was agreed that the Parish Council should monitor planning applications in adjacent parishes check on the impact developments would have on Hardwicke and to seek appropri-ate mitigation. 

Resolved; to monitor cross boundary planning applications, Cllr Fran Wel-bourne agreed to undertake the monitoring 

b) Response to the Review of the Local Plan 

The Parish Council expressed its concern that the ‘emerging strategy’ from Stroud District Council had included land in Hardwicke Parish as potential sites to accom-modate a shortfall in Gloucester’s housing need and also to utilise for possible future growth within Stroud District. 

The view from the Parish Council was that the inclusion of land within Hardwicke should be opposed, highlighting that the recently adopted Neighbourhood Plan and the agreed developments at Hunts Grove would adequately meet the area’s needs. 

Councillors agreed an approach to the consultation which included advising resi-dents of the proposals and ensuring residents were aware of the consultation event on December 18th at the Village Hall. 

It was agreed to use the Council’s Facebook Pages to raise awareness of the consul-tation on the strategy. 

Resolved to raise awareness of the consultation event and promotes the views of the parish council 

123/18 Finance Report and Budget proposals for 2019/2020 

He Clerk presented the financial reports for the period ending November 30th 2018 and the list of monthly payments. 

The Clerk reported that details of the council tax base would be known towards the end of December, the Chair asked for Councillors to submit project proposals to the Clerk. 

Resolved; to approve the finance report for the period ending November 30th and agree the list of payments and to seek proposals for project items for 2019/2020 

124/18 CCTV 

The Clerk presented the quote for the replacement and upgrade of the CCTV at the Village Hall. It was noted that the original equipment was now dated and did not have the technical specification that current systems would provide. 

Resolved; to accept the quote to replace the CCTV system 

125/18 Benches at Dales Wharf 

The Clerk reported that the District Council had asked whether the Parish Council would contribute £600 towards the replacement of benches overlooking the canal. It was noted that Parish Council had not made budgetary provision for this and it was felt that the district council should fund. 

Resolved to advise SDC that the Parish Council was not able to fund the new seating in the current financial year 

126/18 Tree Maintenance 

The Clerk presented the quotes for the two replacement trees, these would replace the two damaged trees reported previously 

Resolved to approve the quote 

127/18 Parish Councillor and Lead Member Reports 

Cllr Mark Ryder reported that Bovis Homes had taken over several parcels of land at Hunts Grove with 350 being constructed near to the play park, with construction to commence in summer 2019. Development at Hunts Grove was moving quickly which as adding to the amount of construction traffic in the area. 

Cllr Denise Powell reported on the emergency road closure in Green Lane which was to repair the damaged gas main very little information had been given to residents. Denise informed the Council that she had recently been appointed to the UBB Technical Working Group which would monitor the air quality resulting from the Energy from Waste Facility. 


January 2019


The Urbaser Balfour Beatty Community Fund will be open for applications in March 2019. Constituted community and parish organisations from Hardwicke, Quedgeley, Haresfield, Standish, Moreton Valence, Harescombe and Whitminster are able to apply
for a share of the £25,000 annual fund for projects that meet the criteria of two categories: Environmental benefit and Social/Community benefit. Full details will be released on the Urbaser Balfour Beatty Gloucestershire website in March when the fund
opens. The Fund is being managed independently from Urbaser Balfour Beatty Gloucestershire by a committee of elected members from the parishes. For all enquiries, please email 


Gloucestershire Local News 

December 2018

From Our County Councillor

Can I start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.
It is a good time to look back on 2018 when a lot has been happening.

Here are some of the highlights and forgive me if I have forgotten anything.

  • Construction has started at Hunts Grove Primary School. This is after a lot of generally successful discussions both about the design of the building and related highways issues.
  • Air Monitoring has started at Hardwicke Village Hall to collect background readings ahead of Javelin Park Energy from Waste facility coming into operation in the summer of 2019.
  • Sellers Bridge has been resurfaced and plans agreed to move the 30 mph speed limit to the other side of the bridge.

Needless to say there is more to do. Next year will see:

  • The commencement of work to improve the Cross Keys Roundabout at a cost of £3.8m.
  • Continued work with local residents on the second access to the Hunts Grove development.
  • There is still great concern about the Temporary Hosting of Clearwater Primary School at Hardwicke Primary School. I am working with local residents to alleviate the issues caused by this and we have commitment that they will be moved permanently by September 2019.


Very few of these things are the result of any one person’s efforts but are the result of people coming together to working to improve the area we live in.
Thank you to all those that work tirelessly for their local community and can I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a well deserved break.
If you have any questions or would like me to help with any County Council issues please contact me at Stephen.davies2@gloucestershire.gov.uk or on 07802 595 307.