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December 2018

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 November 2018

Hardwicke Parish Council

Extract of Minutes of Meeting held

on November 5th 2018




Cllr John Perkin (Chair)                  Cllr Mark Ryder

Cllr Anthony Doyle                         Cllr Fran Welbourne

Cllr Darren Morris                          Cllr Denise Powell

Cllr Kevin Marsden                         Cllr Demelza Turner-Wilkes


In attendance

District Councillors Gill Oxley, and David Mossman, County Councillor Stephen Davies five members of the public and Kevin Lee, Clerk


Apologies were received from Cllrs Graham Brearley, Jill Brearley and Lyn Welbourne

Declarations of Interest

There were none

Public Consultation

A resident raised a question about Phase 2 of the development at Hunts Grove and asked what level of expenditure the Parish Council would be allocating to the area. (The question was linked to the later discussion on the District Council’s Governance Review) It was noted that residents living on phases 2,3 and 4 would be expected to pay a fee to a management company for the maintenance of facilities. This would be in addition to council tax and parish precept. The Chair, Cllr John Perkin replied that the Parish Council would welcome the opportunity to work with the management company to provide the services that would benefit the community.


Resolved; to approve the Minutes of the meeting held on October 1st

106/18 County Councillor and District Councillor Reports

County Cllr Stephen Davies reported that Ofsted had revisited the County Council and noted that there had been improved outcome in its services for children and young people but there were still areas for improvement.

In respect of Clearwater School it had been confirmed that the temporary classrooms would be removed by September 2019.

District Cllr David Mossman reported that the independent air monitoring equipment had been installed at Hardwicke and Haresfield Village Halls and monitoring had started on October 18th. In response to a question from Cllr Mark Ryder, Cllr Mossman reported that the data would be collected by SDC and once verified it would be published.

The district council’s Local Plan was under review and would identify housing need through to 2040. The target date was to present the Plan to the Council in 2020. Within the Stroud Area, Hardwicke and Brookethorpe would come under pressure to provide housing to meet the needs of Gloucester City

District Cllr Gill Oxley reported that the application for a mobile CCTV Camera had been successful at the first stage of the bidding process and the final decision would be made in February.

The District Council’s Housing Committee had established a task and finish group to survey a sample of 500 people to assess future needs.

Governance Review

Stroud District Council have commenced a review of all the Parish/Town Councils and Parish Meetings within its area. Once completed, it would be another 10 to 15 years before a further review is undertaken. The Review provides council’s and residents the opportunity to explore changes to the governance arrangements.

Planning Applications

The Parish Council considered and agreed its response to the following applications S.18/2068/FUL – Land at the Rear of 7 Elmgrove Road West Hardwicke Gloucester Resolved; not to support the application and recommends SDC rejects the application as being non-compliant with planning regulations

S.18/2231/HHOLD - 31 The Plantation Hardwicke Gloucester

Resolved to raise no objections

 S.18/2010/GDPE 11 The Plantation Hardwicke Gloucester


Resolved to raise no objections

 S.18/2235/DISCON - Hunts Grove Parcel R22 Harrier Way Hardwicke Gloucester


Resolved; recommend to SDC that condition 24 be rejected and condition 36 be accepted on condition that the partial adoption of hydrants is acceptable to fire service

Parish Councillor Reports

Cllr Demelza Turner-Wilkes reported that there had been good feedback from residents on the issues raised with DPD.

Cllr Mark Ryder reported on the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new primary school at Hunts Grove. A video had been made and a link would be sent to Parish Councillors.

There had been reports from residents about damage to the shared driveways and verges, some of which had been caused by refuse collection lorries. The matter had been taken up with SDC.

Cllr Darren Morris noted that the situation with the contractors was almost back to square one with the agreed operating times being ignored.

Cllr Denise Powell gave an update on the meetings with Fr Andrew and the Diocese about being approved as a school governor for Hardwicke School.

December 2018

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Gloucestershire Local News 

From Our County Councillor

Can I start by wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.
It is a good time to look back on 2018 when a lot has been happening.

Here are some of the highlights and forgive me if I have forgotten anything.

  • Construction has started at Hunts Grove Primary School. This is after a lot of generally successful discussions both about the design of the building and related highways issues.
  • Air Monitoring has started at Hardwicke Village Hall to collect background readings ahead of Javelin Park Energy from Waste facility coming into operation in the summer of 2019.
  • Sellers Bridge has been resurfaced and plans agreed to move the 30 mph speed limit to the other side of the bridge.

Needless to say there is more to do. Next year will see:

  • The commencement of work to improve the Cross Keys Roundabout at a cost of £3.8m.
  • Continued work with local residents on the second access to the Hunts Grove development.
  • There is still great concern about the Temporary Hosting of Clearwater Primary School at Hardwicke Primary School. I am working with local residents to alleviate the issues caused by this and we have commitment that they will be moved permanently by September 2019.


Very few of these things are the result of any one person’s efforts but are the result of people coming together to working to improve the area we live in.
Thank you to all those that work tirelessly for their local community and can I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have a well deserved break.
If you have any questions or would like me to help with any County Council issues please contact me at Stephen.davies2@gloucestershire.gov.uk or on 07802 595 307.